The Worst Thing about iPhone since iPhone 7. No headphone jack!

The worst thing about iPhone 7. No headphone jack. Period.

I have been an Apple user before Apple it became a status symbol and before iPhone. But I am very angry with Apple ditching the headphone jack for iPhone 7. It’s not a decision made for the benefit of its loyal followers, fans, customers and users. It’s is a greedy, profit-maximizing decision to squeeze even more profits from its very expensive smartphone that is no longer a leader in the smartphone world.

Truth be told, there is hardly any big upgrade since iPhone 6. It’s almost like a catch up to Android flagship phones since the iPhone 5. The camera is only as good as the best Android arguably. It’s good but not the best and we all pay a premium for an iPhone, like being stuck with 16GB while Android counterparts were offering double or triple the memory with expendable miniSD card storage.

I bought the iPhone 7 and after about 10 months I am sick of the lack of a headphone jack. At first I went along with it. And the lightning headphone was actually quite good until it started to break down. I knew about Apple’s idea of pushing for wireless and I actually bought a Jam Transit Mini Bluetooth headphone for sports. I went along with the idea but soon I found the annoyance and inconveniency of not having the headphone jack.

1.You can’t charge when listening to music.

This is something I struggle with every day. If you are a heavy smartphone user, the battery is not enough to last you a day. You will need to charge it on the go. Sorry you can’t do that while listening to music so you have to take out the lightning headphone and charge. Or buy an expensive splitter dongle. And isn’t the phone expensive enough, why do I have to buy something it should already come with.

2. Using wireless headphones just create more problems. 

Okay, so you say wireless headphone will solve this problem. But wireless headphone only gives you more problems and annoyances. You also have to charge the damn wireless headphone and many of them on the battery that are not super expensive only have 4 hours of playing time. Freak! Another thing that need to be charged! Another thing to worry about. I don’t want to be stressing about when my wireless headphone will run out of juice while already worrying about my iPhone running out of juice. And worst, turning on the Bluetooth further drains the iPhone’s battery. Now I have shorter music playing time and do I need another external battery or cable to charge both my iPhone and my wireless headphone.

3. You are excluded from a universe of great 3.5 mm headphones. 

So, you hate the wireless headphone, how about just using the lightning headphone that comes with the iPhone? Sure, I can’t charge but I will endure but then the lightning headphone breaks down! And then you found out how expensive it is. It’s good but not great. And then you look at the thousands of 3.5mm regular headphones that give you better audio costing less that are available everywhere BUT you can’t use it because you have a freaking iPhone. You just excluded yourself from a million other great choices and many of the best headphones in the industry. Nobody makes lightning headphones because Apple requires a licensing fee to cut into their profit. Of course the lightning earphone has a warranty but it’s only for a year and usually, headphone doesn’t last much longer than that.

4. Hard to find audio accessories for Lightning port. And you can’t share them with other devices. 

If you are into video recording and recording quality sound, you found out that 99% of the mics and recorders out there use 3.5 mm not lightning. There are few lightning recorders and mics but you could only use them for your iPhone, not on the cameras or other devices you already have.


These are only a few annoyances I find with Apple getting rid of the headphone jack on iPhone since iPhone 7. I am so annoyed and frustrated that I am seriously thinking about downgrading to an iPhone 6s.

I am sick of deciding whether to sacrifice enjoying music or charge the phone. I am sick of finding out my wireless headphone running out of juice and having trouble pairing with the iPhone.

Technology is supposed to make our lives better, easier, more convenient, more enjoyable but in the case of Apple getting rid of the headphone jack, it is the opposite. I hate this decision from Apple because it is punishing its loyal fans, followers, customers, users to gain more profit from its industry-leading profit margin for its smartphone.