Lenovo IdeaPad long-term review

I bought a Lenovo IdeaPad and I really regret it now. I was thinking about buying a light laptop which I could bring to work and school because my 2015 15in Macbook Pro is simply just too heavy to carry around.

I had the choice down to Thinkpad and the IdeaPad. I chose the IdeaPad because of the slightly better graphic card for media work (I planned to do a little photo and video editing) and it being slightly thinner, lighter and better looking than the ThinkPad. Now I regret it because of the following reasons:

  1. It’s a not a full-size keyboard and the shift and control keys are at awkward places and I kept on typing the wrong key for shift.
  2. The mouse pad is over sensitive and I found the cursor going somewhere else or something I typed being highlighted accidentally frequently. It’s the worst mouse pad I had ever used.
  3. Eventually, the mouse pad died after 6 months of usage. I now have to plug in an optical mouse. And it gets worst, occasionally the computer can’t connect with the optical mouse connected via USB…
  4. Quality, the paint job was coming off within two weeks. Just bad design and paint job.

So I regret getting the IdeaPad over the ThinkPad and now I wondering if I was better of sticking with Apple and getting a Macbook Air but…the Macbook Air had not been updated for like forever in computer years and looked like it will be scrapped soon and I just hated the ultra thin keyboard of the new small Macbook and Macbook Pro. I tried it for a few minutes at the Apple store and it hurt my hands.

Update 28th May, 2017

After about 7 months, I am disappointed in the IdeaPad and wish I chose the Thinkpad instead. Why? I never got used to the keyboard and how it places the right shift key. The touchpad is oversensitive, it often double click when I only intended to click once. Worst, the touchpad died about three weeks ago. I never had a problem with a laptop’s touchpad. Now I have to attach a USB optical mouse to it. It’s just annoying.