Adidas Climacool Revolution M


I am a big fan of Adidas Climacool shoes because they are simply the most breathable sneakers in the market providing 360 degree ventilation.

I recently saw the Adidas Climacool Revolution M at the mall with two colours, black/yellow and  mineral blue. Personally, I really like the mineral blue but I am actually thinking of wearing it at work to replace my black dress shoes since the management decided that we can all wear sneakers to work as long as they are not too flashy and appropriate. I struggled for a long time because they both look so good, especially mineral blue but after listening to opinions of my friends and colleagues, I chose black/yellow.

I have wide feet so for me Adidas shoes are always on the narrow side (I used to only wear NB because they have the E and EE width sizes. However, although not the best for your toes and feet, my experience with the Adidas shoes is that they would eventually sketch, and the ventilation benefits overweights the short-term crampness of the narrow shoes.

I live in Hong Kong and it’s a very humid and hot place with a humid subtropical climate. Simply said,  it’s hot, stuffy and wet. It means that you would sweat a lot in Hong Kong. On a hot summer day, you would sweat after a minute while waiting for the bus during daytime whether you are under cover or not. My shirt gets wet after a short 15 minutes ride on the bicycle. Now imagine the sweat inside your shoes if there’s no ventilation. That’s why I am a big fan of Climacool. My socks still get wet but it’s way better than in any other sneakers and especially leather dressed shoes I usually wear for work.

Let’s get back to Climacool Revolution M. I have a older pair of grey Climacool Ride which I bought back in the end of summer in 2015 and they have really soft cushioning especially for a 190 lb guy like me. Compare to Climacool Ride,  Climacool Revolution M (CCRM) feels like it has slightly harder cushioning. It has moderate arch support which I can feel. The ventilation seems to be even better than Ride.

I am keep you guys updated and please comment on the post if you have experience with Climacool Revolution M as well and tell me how it works for you.

Update 28/5/2017

After about half a year I must say I am happy with Climacool Revolution M. I wish I had chosen the blue one instead but they pair been good to me. I can really feel the difference  in ventilation with my normal sneakers. They really keep my feet drier. At first I found it kind of narrow but the toe box eventually stretched. It’s still a bit too narrow for me but it’s livable and doesn’t cause any blister or pain. What I appreciate most is Adidas arch support. I tried other light weight sneakers from Puma, Reebok and Nike and none of them offer much arch support. 

As a heavy person the Climacool Revolution M are holding up but I definitely made my footprint on the insole. 



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